Justin Bieber still doing Japan concerts

Justin Bieber still doing Japan concerts

In a recent article, we told you of how Justin Bieber’s crew made a huge outburst over some Japan tour dates. They were claiming that there were risks in the area due to the recent nuclear disaster, along with fears of another earthquake striking the area. Now, we’ve learned that the teen singer is still going to Osaka and Tokyo this month — no matter what!

Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, tried to rile up the troops by telling them to “man up” and not disappoint the fans, but the crew was adamant that there were risks involved.

TMZ has the scoop:

We’re told the crew is still locked in stalemate over the concerts — but the Biebs has decided … he’s hitting Japan this month no matter what … crew be damned.

And get this … if Bieber doesn’t have the manpower for stadium gigs — we’re told he’ll take on whatever smaller venues he can … all the way down to homeless shelters.

Good for him for doing whatever it takes to keep his oodles of fans.

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