Justin Bieber Still Texting Selena Following Breakup?

Justin Bieber Still Texting Selena Following Breakup?

Teen singer Justin Bieber and his former girlfriend Selena Gomez have called it quits since right before the New Year. It was said that Justin was skeeving around behind her back and she had gotten enough of his poor behavior and got rid of him. Since, his behavior (pot smoking) and skeeving around has not improved, so it would be reasonable to assume that she still wants nothing to do with him. Yet, that wouldn’t stop him from continuing to try and maintain contact with her, right?

Reportedly, since the breakup, Justin has continued to text Selena. Is he still hoping that they will reconcile with one another? At the afterparty for the Grammy Awards, someone overheard Selena whining about how her ex-boyfriend was trying to text her repeatedly. The latest gossip reveals that Selena was complaining that Justin “is always texting her”.

A source close to Selena revealed, “She doesn’t want to see his a**. He even invited her to tour with him, go on vacation and everything, but she said no 100 times. She’s bored by his bulls**t. Selena is dying to move on from him and wants to grow on her own as not just his girlfriend.”

She could always just block his phone number in her phone — or better yet, just change her number completely. What do you think? Does Selena like the fact that he’s so persistent in trying to win her back? Or has she had enough? Hit the comments and let us know what you think!

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