Justin Bieber Talks About What Makes Him A Good Boyfriend

Justin Bieber Talks About What Makes Him A Good Boyfriend

Now that teen singer Justin Bieber is on the promotional trail for his new single Boyfriend, that’s all we’re basically hearing about from him. He is currently dating Disney starlet Selena Gomez and has revealed that his song was for her. Now, he is opening up about what makes him a good boyfriend!

And no, he’s not talking about buying out an entire flower shop for Valentine’s Day or clearing out the Staples Center for a movie night. He said that there is much more to a relationship than just material things.

Justin said, “I think a good boyfriend is just someone who can be honest and loving and supportive. I think honesty is one of the most important things, because if you’re not honest in a relationship, it can’t go really anywhere.”

When speaking of his new album, Believe, he said, “It’s been pretty crazy these past couple months. What keeps me going is knowing that my album is going to be great and all my fans are going to love it.”

Do you think that Justin Bieber is a good boyfriend to Selena Gomez?

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