Justin Bieber threatened with arrest

Fifteen-year-old “One Time” singer Justin Bieber was threatened with arrest if he failed to tweet fans to go home after a signing.

The singer was forced to cancel an appearance at the Roosevelt Field mall in Long Island after it turned into chaos with screaming fans.

The mall’s security was unable to keep the fans under control at the event, which prompted organizers to cancel it.

Bieber took to his Twitter account to tell fans to go home, after officials threatened to arrest him if he didn’t comply.

He said, “They expected 1,000 fans, but 10,000 turned up. The stupid police officers ended up threatening to arrest me for coming. They told me to Tweet my fans telling them I wasn’t coming, otherwise they would arrest me. It didn’t make sense – how could you arrest someone for not twittering?”

You tell ’em, Justin!

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