Justin Bieber Visited Selena Gomez’s Home; Wants A Reconciliation

Justin Bieber Visited Selena Gomez's Home; Wants A Reconciliation

Teen singer Justin Bieber made a visit to “Spring Breakers” star Selena Gomez’s home recently — in an attempt to try and get back together with her.

It has been said for quite some time now that Selena dumped Justin because of his wandering boy parts — and all signs are pointing to that being the absolute truth. She has trashed him on public television and he has kept his mouth shut — as well as his friends’ mouths — and hasn’t uttered a word about her in response.

As soon as the wet behind the ears singer arrived back in the States from Poland, he made a beeline for Selena’s house. The above photo shows Justin’s van parked at her place in his pitiful attempt to get his old girlfriend back.

Justin was said to be at Selena’s for a little over an hour. What could they have been doing?!? Head on over to our friends at Bohomoth to find out! When you get back, tell us if you think they should reconcile!

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