Justin Bieber visits ailing fan

Justin Bieber visits ailing fan

Justin Bieber did a good deed recently, by paying a special visit to a fan who suffers from Progeria. Progeria is a rare genetic condition of which sufferers show signs of premature aging.

The fan, Hayley Okines, was able to meet Justin thanks to a slew of Beliebers who launched a campaign to get them together on Twitter. How cool is that? They’re using technology for good!

He posed for pictures with Hayley and her family, signed autographs for them and even gave her tickets to his concert in the U.K.

Daily Star reports:

He also offered free passes to the kind-hearted group responsible for putting him in touch with Okines.

In Twitter.com messages to the fans who organised the visit, Bieber writes, “U did a good thing. And you were right she has a great smile. It was actually kinda funny. She had no clue (about the meeting) and when she saw me she screamed and everyone was like what the?!?! She was real sweet and I offered her tix (tickets) for the show in the UK when I’m back. I think you should go with her then too… The fans did a good thing. Glad I could help. Thanks for introducing us. She is a sweet girl.”

Good for him! It warms my cold, dead heart to see celebrities doing good deeds, especially around the holidays, with no official agenda to promote and nothing to gain from it, except for the heartwarming thought that they’ve reached out to someone in need with nothing to gain for themselves, except knowing deep down inside they’ve made an impact on someone. Yeah, that.

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