Justin Bieber Visits Hugh Hefner At The Playboy Mansion

Justin Bieber Visits Hugh Hefner At The Playboy Mansion

Who knew that Justin Bieber was a huge fan of making visits to the Playboy Mansion on a regular basis? He’s just like any other kid his age — if they had gobs upon gobs of money. Still, it’s being said that the Biebz loves to visit Playboy head honcho Hugh Hefner — regularly. That’s his story!

Sure, he’s really going there to visit with Hef. Nevermind all of the half naked ladies romping around trying to gold dig their way into the lap of luxury.

What’s even worse is that Justin has unlimited access to the Mansion…So he can gawk at chicks on a daily basis if he wanted to. According to a source, “Justin is obsessed with the Playboy Mansion. He actually has permission to show up whenever he wants. He’s invited to every party and he even visits just to hang with Hef.”

Is that the story that he’s feeding his girlfriend, Selena Gomez???

Justin: “Hey, babe, just going to the ‘Mansion’, you know, to see Hef.”

FYI, his father, Jeremy Bieber, started his fascination with his visits to the Mansion when he took him there to celebrate his 17th birthday. Way to go, Dad!

Photo Credit: Sam Sharma, PacificCoastNews.com

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