Justin Bieber wants to be a movie star

Justin Bieber wants to be a movie star

In a recent interview, teen singer Justin Bieber revealed that he wants to further his acting career. He has already starred in CSI and the movie made about his rise to fame, Never Say Never — but he wants more!

When talking to Australia’s Kyle & Jackie O Show, he said, “I definitely want to do more acting, and further my career in that area, that’s something I would love to do.”

He also went on to reveal that his biopic wasn’t scripted, so when his grandmother told him to clean his room, she was serious. He added, “It wasn’t scripted…whenever I’m at my grandmother’s she always tells me to clean up after myself, especially when I’m at home, but I’m not at home that often, I really don’t have a room at this point, it’s just kind of traveling all the time.”

What do you think of Justin as an actor?

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