Justin Bieber Wants To Get Married Young

Justin Bieber Wants To Get Married Young

Teen singer Justin Bieber appears on the cover of a special collector’s edition issue of Us Magazine. Inside, there are three huge posters of the singer along with never before seen pictures. Have you picked up your copy of the magazine yet?

Also inside of Justin’s private world, the magazine discusses with him the idea that he wants to get married while he’s still a young man. He does believe in love and said that he wants to “get married and start a family” while he’s still young. Did he pass up his best opportunity for that with Selena Gomez?

He revealed to the publication, “My grandparents Bruce and Diane Dale [are my relationship role models]. They love each other so much, after so many years! When I’m their age, I want to be as in love with my wife as my grandfather is with his.”

Should he have stayed with Selena? After two years, they probably knew each other rather well. Despite the rumors of him cheating, they did look like a cute couple together, didn’t they? What do you think?

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