Justin Bieber Wants To Go To College?

Justin Bieber Wants To Go To College?

Teen singer Justin Bieber is thinking about continuing his education!

Of course, the Biebz doesn’t go to a regular high school like other kids his age, due to his career. He’d get mobbed on a daily basis by tons of young girls. It would be total chaos!

Now, Justin says that he has done well with his tutor and is considering going to college. He said, “If it’s compatible with my career I could have a shot at it, but at the moment it’s not something I am focusing on. I travel with a tutor at all times but I am not so into school. There are some subjects I really don’t care for, such as maths.”

Do you think it would be wise for Justin to go to college? He could learn something to do with finances, primarily because he’s insanely rich. What do you think? What should Justin major in, in college if he decides to go? Thoughts?

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