Justin Bieber Was Booted From Coachella

Justin Bieber Was Booted From Coachella

This is something that has gotten us a good, hardy laugh here at the Earsucker offices. Justin Bieber got put in a chokehold and his entitled butt was tossed out of Coachella. Christmas came early!

On Sunday, the Canadian singer was escorted out of Coachella by security guards. He was forcibly removed from the grounds after being restrained in a chokehold by security guards. I would be surprised to learn that he didn’t try to pull the celebrity card from his pocket and say, “Don’t you know who I am?!?”

Who am I kidding? You know he totally did that. Despite trying to make it look like he wanted to change his ways so that so many people wouldn’t hate him, deep down we all know that he is the same spoiled brat who had to be carried up the Great Wall of China because his precious legs couldn’t take the walk.

Bieber was kicked out of the VIP area of the festival after being told that the venue was at capacity. As a result, Bieber became disruptive. Upon approaching the entrance during Drake’s performance, Bieber and his crew showed the guards that they were wearing the proper wristbands. Apparently, Bieber didn’t take too well to being told no, which just goes to show everyone that he hasn’t learned a thing.

After being told the venue was at capacity, Justin Bieber argued with security guards. In fact, he even told them that he couldn’t possibly wait outside with the regular peons because he would be swarmed by screaming fans in a moment’s notice. He even tried telling them that he was invited by Drake himself, but they just weren’t buying his story.

Security placed Bieber in a chokehold and that’s when his security people stepped in. Afterward, they were all asked to leave. Bieber is now said to be considering legal action against the security guards for their actions because we all know just how much he needs the money attention.

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