Justin Bieber Won’t Be Nasty To Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber Won't Be Nasty To Selena Gomez

Even though Selena Gomez has trashed Justin Bieber a bit in the media, he has ordered his friends to keep away from hitting back at the former Disney starlet in the press. Perhaps he really is thinking about trying for a reconciliation? Or maybe their relationship was so special to him that he has laid the hammer down with respect to what gets said about her?

She has already made several jokes at his expense, even commenting to David Letterman that she made him cry. But, Justin refuses to fight back. A source said, “She’s been bashing him but Justin has ordered everyone around him not to fight back. He told his friends and everyone else about Selena, ‘She’s off limits.'”

The source went on to say, “He told everyone to leave her alone. He doesn’t want to fuel the fire and he just doesn’t want it to be that way with her. ‘I don’t want anyone saying anything negative about her’ is what he told his pals.”

Do you think the Biebz is still holding a candle for Selena?

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