Justin Bieber’s 19th Birthday Ruined

Justin Bieber's 19th Birthday Ruined

Teen singer Justin Bieber was apparently expecting good things for his 19th birthday bash, but all he was left with was disappointment. Oh the sadness!

His birthday party was circus themed and took place at London’s Cirque du Soir and he even invited is rumored Selena Gomez replacement girlfriend, Ella-Page Roberts Clarke. Prior to his party, he took to his official Twitter page to say, “big night ahead”.

Apparently things took a turn for the worst when the Biebz’ security guys got into a bit of a beef with the club’s security guards. The confrontation between all of the muscle resulted in Justin leaving early after spending only a short time inside the club. What was the confrontation all about? We are still wondering…

Later after he left, Justin tweeted, “worst birthday”. After leaving with Jayden Smith, he and his entourage hit up the local McDonald’s and then headed back to the Langham Hotel.

What do you think it was that caused Justin to want to leave the club? What could’ve possibly happened between all of the hired muscle that would make Justin and his crew leave the entire venue? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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