Justin Bieber’s CSI character is going to die on the show

Justin Bieber's CSI character is going to die on the show

Teen singer Justin Bieber reprises his role as trouble making kid Jason McCann on CSI on February 17th!

We’ve learned that Justin’s character bites the big one and he will NOT be returning for a third appearance!

EW has the scoop:

As promised, this is a doozy: Sources confirm that Justin Bieber will not be making another return to CSI after he makes his second appearance on the Feb. 17 episode. Why? Because his character will be dead. The pop star’s character Jason McCann will meet a violent end at the hand of a CSI, who is acting in self-defense. How “violent”? I’m hearing he gets shot. Hey, it’s better than the writer’s original plan to have the Biebs blow himself up. You think I’m joking, don’t you?

Are you going to be watching his last appearance on the show?? Let us know in the comments!

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