Justin Bieber’s Ferrari Pulled Over For Speeding In Calabasas

Justin Bieber's Ferrari Pulled Over For Speeding In Calabasas

Justin Bieber is making quite the name for himself as a speed demon in his gated Calabasas community. He was most recently chased down by Keyshawn Johnson for a confrontation of which he managed to avoid. [Read: He ran away like a little girl]

Now, it appears that he let his friend Lil Twist drive his Ferrari and was pulled over for speeding. Interesting, no? TMZ has the scoop:

Unbelievable — Justin Bieber’s white Ferrari has just been pulled over for speeding … just days after Bieber allegedly tore through his gated community in the same car, terrorizing his neighbors.

Bieber wasn’t behind the wheel this time — the culprit was his good bud Lil Twist … the same bozo who was driving Bieber’s white Ferrari when that photographer was killed earlier this year.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … police pulled Twist over as he roared out of Bieber’s gated community in Calabasas … but they let him off with just a warning. To that we say, HUH?

Wow…these kids will get away with just about anything out there in California, won’t they?

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