Justin Bieber’s Parents Are Worried That He Is Changing Too Much

Justin Bieber's Parents Are Worried That He Is Changing Too Much

Justin Bieber’s parents Jeremy and Pattie are worried that there girly-boy is changing too much. WTF. Wouldn’t that be a good thing? Are they afraid that he will turn into an actual boy? According to an insider in In Touch magazine, “He has lost his Canadian accent and totally changed the way he speaks. His family is concerned,”

Another source from In Touch magazine said, “They’re a little freaked out by how fast [Justin Bieber] and [Selena Gomez] are moving, but they’re just chalking it up to young love — for now,” Maybe they’re just concerned for the new earrings and tattoo. They should be concerned on why his voice isn’t changing through puberty.

Despite of Justin’s changes, his parents like Selena and her “good girl” image. Justin Bieber tweeted, “and u cant mess with my fans…u cant mess with this family. no hate. no rumors. no negativity can break this. WE ALL WE GOT.” When he said “you cant mess with this family,” he actually meant his family is messing with him. So in the words of the great Donald Trump, “YOUR FIRED”.

We can do that, right?

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