Justin Timberlake is a douche

Apparently, Justin Timberlake has been making fun of his girlfriend, Jessica Biel, behind her back. What a douche!

He is said to have taken the role opposite Cameron Diaz in their new flick, Bad Teacher, just to torture Jessica. Stay classy, JT.

A friend said, “He tortured Jess by taking this role, and they are reaching a breaking point. The truth is, I don’t know if they can survive this.”

The snitch reports that Justin and Cameron are openly flirting on the set and kidding around off camera. Jessica isn’t taking that news well, either. They have been having huge arguments about it on the phone.

A pal close to Justin says that he “won’t marry her because he doesn’t respect her anymore” and that “when she’s not around, he’ll make fun of her to his friends.”


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