Justin Timberlake Received $3 Million To Perform At 2013 Super Bowl Party

Justin Timberlake Received $3 Million To Perform At 2013 Super Bowl Party

Justin Timberlake is $3 million richer after performing at the DirectTV Super Bowl party! During the one-off show, he performed for an hour and was backed by a ten-piece band. Along with that, the show featured guest performances by Jay-Z and Timbaland.

The “SexyBack” singer has spent his recent years making his acting work the focus of his career, starring in movies such as “The Social Network” and “Friends With Benefits”. But of course, how could he possibly turn down $3 million to perform one show?!?

Recent reports suggested that the singer/actor has banned his actress wife Jessica Biel from getting pregnant. Perhaps he’s not ready to become a father? He reportedly told Jessica to put her baby plans on hold so that he could be able to resurrect his career in music. In fact, he wants to be able to focus on being a dad when the time does come.

A source said, “Any baby plans Jessica may have had have been put on hold because Justin wants to work right now. They’ve had a long, hard talk about it, and Justin convinced Jessica that they can wait a little, especially since he will be promoting his music all around the world this year. He’s told her he wants to be a hands-on father, and that won’t be possible with everything he’s got on at the moment.”

The source added, “Jessica is actually in agreement with Justin, she wants him with her every step of the way, so she’s reluctantly agreed now’s not the time to have a baby. She’ll just have to play second fiddle to his music for the time being.”

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