Kacey Jordan babysat Britney Spears’ kids!

Kacey Jordan babysat Britney Spears' kids!

Charlie Sheen’s porn star friend, Kacey Jordan, once babysat Britney Spears’ children, Jayden James and Sean Preston Federline! Who knew that K-Fed or Britney would ever let a porn star near their kids?!??

TMZ has the scoop:

Turns out after Britney and Kevin split, Kacey Jordan and K-Fed dated briefly. We’re told K-Jor spent a lot of time at K-Fed’s house and would even babysit the kids from time to time when he would go out and do … whatever it is he does.

Kacey tells TMZ, “I watched the kids when Kevin was dealing with the divorce. He was busy with going to so many meetings with lawyers. We went swimming … they were great.”

Did she get paid $30,000 for that?!???

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