Kanye West Hasn’t Proposed To Kim Kardashian Yet

Kanye West Hasn't Proposed To Kim Kardashian Yet

We’re guessing that by now you have heard the rumors that rapper Kanye West has proposed to his reality star girlfriend Kim Kardashian. The reports suggested that just a few days after she gave birth to their newborn daughter North West, he’d popped the question.

The kicker also was that he had given her a black diamond ring as a push present for her efforts in delivering little North into the world. Now, brand new information has been revealed and we can hold out on sending our engagement congratulations for the time being.

Were you looking forward to Kim becoming Kim West or Kim Kardashian-West? We’re gathering that momager Kris Jenner was likely licking her chops while she lies in wait to try and manage Kanye’s career for him.

Still, we have also heard reports that Kris really didn’t care for Kimye’s baby’s directional name. It’s unsurprising, really, as most folks think that the name is stupid and pretentious even for Kim and Kanye. We’re still laughing at the fact that she dissed the name to Jay Leno way before she even gave birth using the rumored (at the time) name.

One thing is for sure….Kim and Kanye are not ready to walk down the aisle to become man and wife anytime soon. If they do, it will likely be way after Kim has her tummy tuck so that she can fit her gigantic butt into a Vera Wang dress.

We are still left wondering all of the details surrounding baby North’s birth. Is she underweight? Is she gaining weight at all? Where are the pictures of their new addition? Aren’t you dying to see her already?

A source close to the situation has revealed that North West is “tiny and perfect” and looks so much more like Kim than Kanye. Kanye is said to be a “very present” father, despite the rumors that were making their way around the internet that he had abandoned his girlfriend and daughter at the hospital.

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