Kanye West Tries To Shame Wheelchair Bound Fans To Stand Up

Kanye West Tries To Shame Wheelchair Bound Fans To Stand Up

Rapper Kanye West is already a pretty narcissistic and petty guy, but to try and shame wheelchair bound fans into standing up at a recent show is just ludicrous. The rapper stopped the concert to say that he could not finish the rest of the show until everyone stood up.


He noticed two people still sitting and had the crowd begin to chant for them to stand. The first person showed off a prosthetic limb, to which the rapper said, “Okay, you fine”. Afterward, he moved his gaze to a person still sitting, but apparently didn’t realize that the fan was in a wheelchair.

Can you imagine someone being on that big of a power trip that he wants everyone to stand in his honor? He’s got a big enough head already, doesn’t he? In any case, when we go to concerts, we can always choose to stand or sit without regard for Kanye sending in his security people to make sure we stand. Concertgoers pay for his wallets to be lined with money, so naturally he should be standing for them and not the other way around.

What do you think?

Hat tip: Scottie

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