Kanye West Wants To Turn Kim Kardashian Into The Perfect Wife

Kanye West Wants To Turn Kim Kardashian Into The Perfect Wife

Rapper Kanye West really wants to turn his wife Kim Kardashian into the “perfect” wife. Wow, they have only been legally married for about two months and he is already trying to change her? That seems about par for the course, no?

We all know that Kanye only married Kim because he really just loves all of the superficial things about her like her body and her butt. Never once has he complimented her personality or said that she’s a great person. Nope, he likes the fact that she works out and keeps herself in decent shape by his standards. In addition, he likes to dress her up in the latest fashions like an overpriced, bubble-butted fish-lipped Armenian low-class Barbie.

Reportedly, he is eager to control every aspect of her life, from what she wears when she goes out to her interactions with the paparazzi. He has reportedly ordered her to stop smiling for the paparazzi when they are out together.

A source revealed, “Kanye can be very controlling with everything in his life, that’s his personality. He wants Kim to be perfect. In the old days, you’d always see Kim smiling when she was having her photo taken. But now, more often than not, she’ll be stony-faced.”

All of his strict rules have left Kim with a crisis of confidence because she has been unable to make even the smallest decisions on her own without the help of her husband. The source said, “It seems even when he’s not around she can’t make decisions. Kim will call him to check she’s buying the right brand of water. She can’t even pick her own nail varnish without checking with him.”

We’re going to call BS on this right now — Kim doesn’t buy her own water. She has like three assistants paid to do the menial stuff for her. Despite that, we do believe that Kanye is a control freak and their marriage won’t last too long. We don’t feel that the third time is a charm at all for this mental midget. Do you?

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