Kanye West’s cousin involved in an investigation regarding Donda West’s death

Kanye West
[Image Credit: Newscom]

Kanye West’s cousin, Stephan Scoggins, is at the center of an investigation with regard to the death of Dr. Donda West last year. Apparently, the doctor who operated on her, Dr. Jan Adams, said that there is no set regimen upon leaving the hospital. But, Scoggins was left in charge, as a nurse, to take care of her post-op.

It’s being said now that Scoggins may have given her too much Vicodin the night before her death, yet she woke up in the morning feeling a lot better. It’s also being reported that Scoggins left the home on the day Donda passed, to attend a baby shower. Later on that evening, Donda suffered a painful death and was unable to contact her nephew.

Authorities are investigating his professional conduct, saying that he gave her too much Vicodin in a short period of time.

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