Kanye West’s “Graduation” beat out “Curtis”

Kanye West and 50 Cent have released their new musical offerings today, in the form of “Graduation” and “Curtis”. Fans of hip hop are all but tired of the gun-toting and women-bashing music that rap today has become. Not saying that Graduation is any sort of masterpiece, because it isn’t.

50 Cent’s violent lyrical content may have already jumped the shark, according to fans:

As much as I try to stay open-minded to different kinds of music, I will never understand — nor do I wish to understand — the appeal of rhymes that glorify gun violence, perpetuate racist stereotypes, and discuss women as nothing more than sex objects.

There are clearly millions of people who buy into 50 Cent’s version of cool, but I am not one of them.

Maybe if the beats were stronger, or the rhymes were more clever, or the songs didn’t all sound the same I would be more generous. But 50 Cent sounds like nothing more than an uninspired brain-fried gangsta whose time in the music business is well past its due date.

Is either album phenomenal? No. I believe that the fans are speaking loud and clear. Down with the violent music and we’re ready for musical empowerment via Graduation.

On a personal note, I do not like Kanye West’s music. He comes across as arrogant. I’d much rather fire up an old 50 Cent tune as opposed to listen to Graduation.

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