Kanye West’s Popularity Has Fallen Since Dating Kim Kardashian

Kanye West's Popularity Has Fallen Since Dating Kim Kardashian

Rapper Kanye West’s popularity has taken a dive since he began dating reality star Kim Kardashian. Is anyone shocked by this at all?

It would appear as if her sheer lack of talent is seemingly overshadowing his rapping talent. The Huffington Post reports that Kanye’s popularity has tanked and that his overexposure is basically through the roof:

According to data analyzed from E-Poll Market Research, which assigns stars an “E-Score” to measure their marketability, West’s fragile popularity has indeed made a southbound U-turn in the past half year. West first stepped out with his new girlfriend in April 2012. A coincidence? Likely not.

“He was starting to bounce back from [the 2009 VMA incident with Taylor Swift],” E-Poll Senior Director of Marketing and Communications Randy Parker told the Huffington Post. “There does appear to there is some sort of fallback or blowback from him hooking up with Kim. One of the things we measure is an attribute called ‘Overexposed’. We find that people use it as a general way of saying, ‘I’ve had it with you. You’ve just gone a little too far.’ I’m guessing his overexposed score is quite high.”

Indeed, West’s “Overexposed” attribute currently stands at a robust 37 percent. (The average number is 4 percent for celebrities.) One person who is far ahead of ‘Ye? The future mother of his child. Kim Kardashian’s “Overexposure” quotient lies at a whopping 62 percent.

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