Kat Von D Engaged To Deadmau5

Kat Von D Engaged To Deadmau5

A little over a month ago, celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D announced on Twitter that she and her DJ boyfriend Deadmau5 had called it quits on their relationship. Apparently they have since mended fences, because he has proposed on Twitter — and she has accepted!

On Saturday, December 15th, Deadmau5 asked Kat for her hand in marriage using the social networking website. He tweeted, “I can’t wait for Christmas so…Katherine Von Drachenberg, will you marry me?” In addition to the proposal, he also added the above photo. Seems like a fitting enough ring, no?

She responded, saying, “Mi corazon! Thank you all for the lovely congratulations! Please excuse me while I go squeeze the hell out of my fiance!”

He said in response to that, “Holy f**king s**t. I’m engaged and stuff! Thanks for the well wishes and support from the horde and everyone else! Brb while i spend the rest of my evening with my future wife.”

The happy couple have been dating since September. In November, she announced that their relationship was over, saying, “Man, I sure was wrong. But at least he made it a no-brainer to break that off. Lesson learned. Clarification: Deadmau5 and I are no longer together.”

We are glad to report that they have patched things up. He’s definitely better for her than Jesse James, right?

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