Kat Von D is in love with Jesse James

Kat Von D admits to being in love with Jesse James, the man who cheated on Sandra Bullock. I guess Sandy is way too classy for this weasel, so he has to get the budget version.

She said, “Jesse is only my ninth boyfriend. I don’t hang out with anybody unless I am in love.” When asked if she thought he’s the one, she said, “I believe he is, so yeah.”

We’d like to think she’s smarter than that and realizes that since he dun goofed with Sandra and ended their marriage catastrophically, that he’s not in any hurry to get that serious with someone new.

When asked about how she knew her feelings for Jesse were so strong, she said, “Was it when we were playing Scrabble? I don’t remember. But it was something like that – when we both realized how nerdy we were.”

Is that what they’re calling it these days?!? Scrabble?!??

Kat says that she didn’t get dissuaded by the cheating rumors, either. She added, “I stayed away from that as much as possible, and when we connected recently, it was such a positive thing. It was just like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t spent this much time with you the entire time I’ve known you.’ Now I’m just embracing it and enjoying it.”

And they’re not the only ones jumping the gun on a quick relationship, either. Her ex, Nikki Sixx is already getting down and dirty with Jeremy London’s wife, Melissa. Stay classy, you guys.

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