Kate Bosworth Out With Her New Man, Michael Polish

Kate Bosworth Out With Her New Man, Michael Polish

Here’s Alexander Skarsgard’s ex-girlfriend, Kate Bosworth, out with her new beau, Michael Polish, going to a Coldplay concert. He looks a bit like a hobbit, doesn’t he?

It’s kind of like she’s trying to draw the camera’s attention from him by doing something stupid with her hair and wearing a see through shirt. That blouse reminds me of something you’d have to wear a tank top under after you’ve already cut out the shoulder pads.

He is giving the camera that look that says “I know I’m no Alexander Skarsgard….BUT” and then just leaves you hanging, because there really is no “but” there. There is no Alex replacement or clone in any situation.

She smiles as though she really thinks Alex is watching. I hate to break it to you, Kate, but he doesn’t give a crap what you’re doing or who you’re doing it with. You could be hooking up with a boat load of guys in Ronald McDonald costumes singing “Bad Romance” at the top of your lungs in the Thanksgiving Day Parade and Alex would say, “What’s for dinner?” and he’d still be more well liked.

What do you think? Is she trying to flaunt herself for Alex’s benefit? Or Chris Martin’s, even?

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