Kate Gosselin Goes To Kris Jenner For Help

Kate Gosselin Goes To Kris Jenner For Help

Well well, it turns out that Kate Gosselin wants to be a bigger famewhore than she already is! Who knew?!?

She has said that she wants her children back on television because “they” miss it, so she has turned to Kris Jenner for some help! Why not look to someone who doesn’t tire of selling out their kids on a regular basis?!? How’s that twenty percent, Kris?

An inside source said, “Kate has reached out to Kris hoping she’ll mentor her on how to turn the Gosselin kids into a money-making machine. Kate wants her family to be Kardashian 2.0!”

Interesting. So which one of her girls will she make do a sex tape when they’re 18? Because the Kardashian clan really has no shame, they’ve used Kim’s shamelessness as a jumping off point for fame and fortune.

The National Enquirer reports:

In a bid to rebuild their brand, Kate is enrolling the children in singing and acting classes, and planning a move to Hollywood.

“While Jon thinks it’s distasteful, Kate sees dollar signs in their kids’ eyes,” the source added.

Tsk, tsk. I never thought I would say this, but I agree with Jon.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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