Kate Gosselin Is Thrifty, You Guys

Kate Gosselin Is Thrifty, You Guys

Now that Kate Gosselin has been booted from pimping out her eight children on reality television, we’ve heard that she’s been dying to get back into the reality television game. Her ex-husband, Jon, basically said that she should try getting a real job. She has said that she has no idea how she’s going to pay the bills for her 24-acre property in Pennsylvania.

Oh boo hoo, right?

Well, Kate wants us all to know that she’s been clipping coupons like a nut — just to get by!

During a recent trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond, Kate was being thrifty and was using coupons. Of her coupon clipping ways, she tweeted, “I’ve never shopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond WITHOUT coupons! I’ve returned with my receipt and a coupon many times, even when ‘not broke.’ LOL!”

Still, she has no idea what’s next for herself. She said, “I hope I have a job! I don’t know what’s next.”

She went on to say that her future probably does involve television. She added, “I would love to continue. And is this the last time you’ll see my kids on TV? Probably not. I know that there’s a lot of people out there who genuinely really care how each of my kids turn out. You’ll see my kids – they’ll grow up and do great things.”

Do you want to see Kate and her brood back on television?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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