Kate Gosselin Is Too Miserable To Be Around Her Kids?

Kate Gosselin Is Too Miserable To Be Around Her Kids?

According to reports, mother of eight, Kate Gosselin, is too miserable to even be around her own brood!

Sources have revealed that Kate’s kids don’t like being around their mother and prefer to stay at Jon’s house.

A source said, “Kate is in such a bad mood all of the time now that she doesn’t have a job and she’s taking it out on the kids. She’s always irritated and screaming at the kids for every little thing. It’s gotten really bad and the kids walk on eggshells when they come home from school.”

The insider went on to say, “The kids love going to Jon’s place because everyone is in such a great mood. Now that Jon has a stable job things are much better. The kids are actually begging to stay longer and they say things like, ‘Mommy is so mean.’ It’s driving Kate crazy!”

So she’s miffed that she can’t put her eight little paychecks to work? Makes sense.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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