Kate Gosselin Misses Her Reality Show

Kate Gosselin Misses Her Reality Show

Former reality star and mother of eight Kate Gosselin wants the world to know just how much she misses being on television. The show, “Kate Plus 8”, ended after 148 episodes aired, in 2011. Now, she says that she and her children watch re-runs of the show.

She took to her official Twitter account to talk about the show. She tweeted, “Wow. We all agreed: we miss our show & the adventures and huge opportunities to help and entertain :) others! Why am I watching and crying??! :)”

She went on to say, “We are watching the St Jude’s episode. I am crying. Happy and sad tears…Old episodes of Jon & Kate + 8 warm our hearts.”

In a recent interview, the reality mom talked about her relationship status. She said, “The odds are so against me, one mom and eight kids. I am lonely. I clean up the house, put the kids to bed and there I sit. Ideally I would find that person….don’t know if I feel ready for that.”

She also talked about how her relationship with Jon has improved over the course of time. She said, “He basically lives his life and I live mine. It’s more peaceful. Probably not anything that I’m doing differently. Possibly he’s working now and so he feels like he’s living a regular life again and maybe a little happier with himself, so that boils down to peace between us. The kids are now okay going there.”

She added, “I feel like he’s trying again. That’s good. The bottom line is the kids come home basically happy and that’s all that matters.”

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