Kate Gosselin Wants Her Own Talk Show

Kate Gosselin Wants Her Own Talk Show

Kate Gosselin went from mother of eight to reality star to coupon blogger and now she wants back in the limelight!

She’s still working at CouponCabin.com, but apparently that’s not bringing in enough cash for her family of eight. Obviously blogging wouldn’t bring in the same amount of cash that being a reality television star would… And she has already seemingly lost the opportunity to pimp out her children on TV, so a mother’s gotta do something.

Don’t panic, Kate has a plan. She wants to get her own talk show. Because we’re all dying to hear what she has to say about any old random topic, right?

She’s hosting a Royal Caribbean Cruise this summer, but it’s only for her own financial gain. Reportedly, the coupon clipping mom of eight is “strapped for cash.”

Hmmm…probably should’ve had a plan B before popping out eight kids that you can’t support, eh?

A source said, “The last thing Kate wants to do is hang out with complete strangers. She’s doing it for a free vacation and because she needs money desperately.”

The source said, “Kate wants her own show, a talk show, but it’s just not panning out. Kate doesn’t know what’s next, but she’s doing whatever she can to make money for her and the kids.”

How about selling that insanely large compound she calls home? That’s what real people do when they can’t afford stuff. They get rid of it and purchase something more within their means.

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