Kate Middleton And Kim Kardashian Clash

Kate Middleton And Kim Kardashian Clash

The National League of Junior Cotillions named Kate Middleton was the best mannered celebrity in the world in 2011. Kim Kardashian was named the most ill-mannered celebrity of the year. Surprising? I don’t think so. Since Kim has recently been through a divorce. According to NLJC national director Elizabeth Anne Winters, The ranks are based off of “demonstration of dignity, honor and respect.”

Kate was clearly the top choice because everyone praised her for “the poise and dignity with which she conducts herself in the public spotlight,” Winters said.

Justin Beiber is coming in at number two. (number two is also what his music sounds like, so fair enough.) After that Paula Abdul. Of course she’s happy, she ALWAYS is. Taylor Swift is number five on the list. All the way at number nine is “Harry Potter’s” Emma Watson. Kim Kardashian didn’t even make the list. A person of her fame should at least make the list, even if it’s last. What kind of evil creature is she to be named “The Most Ill-Mannered Person” of 2011?

Do you think she should be last? Should Kate be first? And last but not least, Who in the “eff” put Justin Beiber on there?

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