Kate Middleton Photoshopped To Look Thinner? (Photos)

Kate Middleton Photoshopped To Look Thinner? (Photos)

Ever since she stepped into her wedding gown and married Prince William, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been scrutinized about her weight. One day she’s pregnant and the next day, she’s too thin. And on another day, she’s reported to be not starving herself. So it’s obvious to think that her figure is the subject of a lot of speculation and rumor.

So, when one is already so small naturally, you would think that a magazine would take enough responsibility not to make her look even smaller, right?

When Kate Middleton appeared in her wedding dress, she looked gorgeous. Her royal wedding photo also graced the cover of the royal wedding issue of Grazia magazine, but something appeared off. It looks like the new Duchess of Cambridge was Photoshopped to look even thinner than she already is!

Grazia issued a statement regarding the complaints it received regarding the Royal issue, saying, “Grazia takes the issue of women’s body image very seriously. No changes whatsoever were made to the image of the Duchess with the purpose or effect of making her appear slimmer. We removed the Duke, and the Duchess’ arm was adapted to complete the cover image…there were no alterations made at all to make her look slimmer.”

Does it look like she’s thinner on the cover to you? What do you think?

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