Kate Middleton Pregnant: Princess Baby Drama

Kate Middleton Pregnant: Princess Baby Drama

Now that the Royal family have announced that Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is pregnant by her husband Prince William, what happens now? Well, as you already know, Kate has been hospitalized because of her extreme morning sickness. She is basically being given hydration and supplements to ensure she remains healthy.

A royal source revealed to “People”, “There is a real excitement, but obviously people are anxious about the Duchess.”

Reportedly, William and Catherine wanted to keep the news under wraps until around Christmas, but with Kate being so ill, they opted to reveal their happy news much sooner. “People” reports:

Palace sources say William informed the Queen, his father, Prince Charles, and his brother Prince Harry – the British Army captain is currently stationed in Afghanistan – before his wife was hospitalized Monday, with friends only hearing the announcement when it went public.

Not surprisingly, the pair timed the pregnancy so as not to overshadow the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, nor to disrupt a major foreign tour.

“I don’t think anything is left to chance,” says Majesty editor Ingrid Seward. “Kate is probably one of the most organized [royal] women we’ve ever known.”

We are hoping that the Duchess is feeling better as soon as possible so that she may enjoy her first pregnancy. Stay tuned for any updates on this story as they are made available and leave your well wishes for the couple in the comments below.

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