Kate Middleton’s Friends Are Texting Her Baby Name Ideas

Kate Middleton's Friends Are Texting Her Baby Name Ideas

Now that Kate Middleton is due with her royal baby with Prince William sometime this summer, all of her friends are trying to give her ideas as to what to name their first born.

The Duchess of Cambridge has revealed that her friends have been texting her ideas on what to name their baby. She revealed, “My friends keep texting me names. We have a short list for both [boy and girl] but it’s very difficult. It’s around mid-July. But apparently babies have their own agenda.”

Kate’s sister Pippa is throwing her a relaxed baby shower, but sources revealed that Kate is actually hoping that the Queen will make an appearance. The source said, “It was her sister Pippa’s idea. While it’s all going to be very relaxed and fun, Kate is hoping the queen will drop by because the two are remarkably close. They bonded big time and really enjoy each other’s company. Since this is going to be a first for royals, Kate would love the queen to be a part of it.”

The source said, “Pippa is in charge of decorations. Wine and beer will be available – not that Kate will be drinking alcohol, of course. There will certainly be none of the hard stuff.”

What do you think they should name their baby?

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