Kate Middleton’s Mother Carole Is Excited For Her Second Grandchild’s Birth

Kate Middleton's Mother Carole Is Excited For Her Second Grandchild's Birth

There are many people getting very excited about the spare heir’s impending birth. However, no one is more excited than Kate Middleton’s mother Carole, who is just bursting to the seams with excitement and expectation. Carole is reportedly counting down the days for the second baby of Prince William and her daughter Kate to come into this world. She’s been keeping herself very busy at Anmer Hall and making preparations for her second grandchild to arrive. There has also been word through the media that Carole has been taking over where new baby’s nursery is concerned at William and Kate’s place that is newly renovated.

Carole Middleton is ready, willing and able to be there for her daughter Kate whenever she may need her because Kate will have to make some adjustments with two babies being around now and not just toddler Prince George who is two years old. It may prove to be a real challenge for the young mother to juggle two kids instead of one and mother Carole wants to be there to care should Kate need her help. The 60-year-old grandmother wants to continue to be hands on for Prince George as well. She has been there for the young prince since his birth and will still be after this younger sibling arrives.

In addition, to having Grandma Carole’s assistance, Prince William and Kate have a nanny with them at Sandringham Estate. She will also be ready to lend a hand with toddler Prince George and the new spare heir upon its arrival.

Kate Middleton has her own unique parenting style and it does seem to work for her. Nonetheless, it is good to know she has a very caring and loving mother like Carole, who is there waiting in the wings should she need to be called on to lend a hand with the babies. This is what one does call true Grandma devotion big-time.

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