Kathy Bates Blasts NBC Executives Over ‘Harry’s Law’ Cancellation

Kathy Bates Blasts NBC Executives Over 'Harry's Law' Cancellation

Oscar winner Kathy Bates has blasted her former bosses at NBC over the cancellation of the legal drama Harry’s Law.

The Misery actress was addressing the media at Friday’s Television Critics Association press tour when one reporter asked her if the disappointment of her last TV hit had made her think twice about signing up for the new season of Ryan Murphy’s drama American Horror Story.

Bates said, “I think they [the executives] treated us like s**t. They kicked us to the curb. They disrespected us. They disrespected our 11 million viewers every week. I thought, after all of that, I wouldn’t [go back to TV], but I met with Ryan and I must say that when he pitched this show to me, this little kid in me started running around jumping.”

Bates will make her debut on the third season of American Horror Story later this year and we are excited for her return to creepy roles.

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