Katie Holmes Is Happy Following Tom Cruise Split

Katie Holmes Is Happy Following Tom Cruise Split

If you thought that Katie Holmes might be sitting at home sulking following her divorce from Tom Cruise, think again. She’s doing quite well, actually, with a source commenting that she is “blissfully happy”. Of course she’s blissfully happy, she just escaped a cult!

Now that she is a single mother to little Suri, it seems that is all it takes for her life to be complete. Yes, she has left a super ritzy lifestyle behind, but she has her sanity intact and that, in itself, is definitely worth something.

A source said, “Katie is a new woman, she feels refreshed, free of Tom and doesn’t have a worry in the world…When before she used to fret if she was ever single, now she’s happy to be alone. Katie’s enjoying her independence and is working on herself right now.”

Katie is definitely a strong, independent woman and we can’t do anything but praise her for her empowered attitude about her new life without Tom. The source went on to say, “She’s been enjoying the company of her family a lot more, something she couldn’t really do when she was married to Tom.”

In addition to having her freedom with her personal life and making decisions in her daughter’s life, Katie can also get out there and audition for roles. The source added, “Tom also influenced what movies she appeared in, so she was unable to steer her career in the way she wanted to. Now, she has full control over what she wants to do and that freedom is exciting for her.”

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