Katie Holmes Isn’t Ready To Date

Katie Holmes Isn't Ready To Date

In May, speculation hit a fever pitch that Katie Holmes was in the middle of a nice, newly formed relationship with her Mania Days co-star Luke Kirby. This was something that the tabloids reported that drove her ex-husband Tom Cruise crazy. He was said to be livid over their new-found love and pictures of her straddling Luke were splattered all over the gossip rags.

We were happy to think that Katie had finally moved on from being under the thumb of Tom, as well as Scientology. It has already been almost a year since she abruptly called it quits with Tom after their marriage of six years.

Since, she has been linked to former boyfriend Chris Klein and most recently, Luke Kirby. Chris denied any reports of a reconciliation between the pair and stated that they were just friends. With regard to Luke, there hasn’t been any official confirmation that they have been more than just co-workers.

Katie has denied any rumors of a romance between herself and her co-star. In fact, the actress states that she only has plans to keep her daughter Suri her main priority. She also said that she is just not ready to date, thus dispelling the rumors of a romance between Katie and Luke.

In addition, a snitch close to the situation said that the chemistry between Katie and Luke was unbelievable. Katie is said to be adoring of her co-star and his kind ways.

Despite all of that, like so many others, we would really like to see Katie happy and in a healthy relationship. For such a long time, we felt as if she was being controlled by Tom and quite possibly, the church of Scientology. We feel that there is some truth to those reports, given the speed and secrecy that she used in order to leave Tom and the church quickly and safely.

Still, we have yet to hear as to whether or not the church has deemed her a Suppressive Person, but we’ve learned that Tom has been dealing with Katie through his people and not with her directly. It’s safe to say that when she does begin a relationship, she won’t be able to keep it under wraps for long.

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