Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise Cover The ‘National Enquirer’ (PHOTO)

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise Cover The 'National Enquirer' (PHOTO)

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce is featured on the front cover of the latest issue of the “National Enquirer”. The tabloid endeavors to take us all inside Tom’s “house of horrors”. Yes, apparently the “Enquirer” has turned Tom and Katie’s divorce into a circus sideshow.

When Katie and Tom announced they were divorcing, we all kind of figured that she would crawl away from that situation with some pretty crazy stories. The magazine reports that Katie had a “secret breakdown” and that the “real Tom is a monster!”

The magazine also talks on its cover about the “abuse, punishments and the humiliation”. Katie’s “tortured life” is exposed in their feature story with regard to her marriage to Tom Cruise.

We’ve heard the rumors loud and clear that Tom’s religion, Scientology, played a huge role in their divorce. Katie was said to have turned away from the controversial religion because she didn’t want Suri involved in Sea Org.

The former couple have resolved their divorce case rather quickly, with Katie apparently winning primary custody of their daughter Suri. Tom is said to be getting “generous visitation” in the deal, so it sounds like all parties are satisfied at this juncture.

After all is said and done, we would still like to know how Katie feels about Tom and his religion and its possible effects on their daughter. Also, now that Katie is shying away from Scientology, will she be disconnected from Tom completely? Will his children, Connor and Bella, be ordered to disconnect from her?

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