Katie Perry isn’t afraid of herpes & talks about boobs

katy_perry_herpesKaty Perry isn’t afraid of letting a little bit of herpes get her down. The singer regularly picks a girl from the audiences at her shows and lays a big smooch on them after her concerts are over.

She says, “Every night, when I play a show, I pick one girl and kiss her. I’m not a Disney kid. I have fun and live life to the fullest. I can’t tell you the baddest thing because I have to keep that for my secret diary.”

She also says that she gets frustrated when people think she’s lying about certain things. She adds, “No one believes I grew my own boobs. Everyone thinks they’re fake because they’re double Ds. Also people think my parents are stiff and strict because they are church ministers. But they’re so funny, cool, and modern. My dad just got four tattoos.”

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