Katy Perry denies Beach Boys lawsuit over California Gurls

Last night, the New York Post’s Page Six ran a story stating that the Beach Boys were suing Katy Perry over her use of their song title.

Page Six has more:

Rondor Music has fired off a letter to Perry’s label, Capitol Records, demanding Mike Love and Brian Wilson — who penned the 1965 classic “California Girls” — be given a writing credit on Perry’s hit summer song, as well as royalties.

A record industry source told Page Six, “Rondor Music has sent a letter to Capitol on behalf of Mike Love and Brian Wilson, saying Katy has cribbed one of the most famous lyrics in history, so Love and Wilson should be entitled to a writing credit and a portion of the royalties.”

Katy has just taken to her Twitter page to clear up the rumors. She tweeted, “And Just to be clear…no one is suing anyone. The press just loves to once again fabricate & exaggerate stories to get hits or sell papers.”

And there you have it!

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