Katy Perry Doesn’t Want To Be One Of John Mayer’s Conquests

Katy Perry Doesn't Want To Be One Of John Mayer's Conquests

Katy Perry’s relationship with John Mayer is off and on quite a bit these days. After rumors surfaced that they had gone their separate ways, they appeared together, thus dispelling the rumors that they’d split up.

A source said that Katy “believes she can change him”. The spy went on to say, “She doesn’t want to be just another one of his conquests.”

Part of her plan to keep him interested is to play hard to get with him. The snitch said, “She recently told John she was open to see other people. Once Katy turned her back on him, he started chasing her again!”

After they’re done with their romance, he’ll blab to “Playboy” about how much of a freak she was in the sack. Either that, or he’s gearing up to start staging paparazzi photos of elaborate plans to escape restaurants with decoy cars. You pick.

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