Katy Perry doesn’t want to wreck her career with partying

katy_perry_party_lifestyleAnd in other news, Katy Perry feels that she still has a career to wreck. Interesting theory there.

She says that she refuses to overdo it when she’s out partying because she doesn’t want it to ruin her career.

She says, “My motto has always been: live life to the fullest because at the end you’re dead. But I’m starting to mellow a bit. I still believe in taking risks in my music, but I’ve realized that I can’t party like I used to and expect to remain focused on my work. I’ve seen too many people live that way and almost wreck their careers. That’s not going to happen to me. I’m still full on, but these days I see the wisdom in having a good night’s sleep.”

That’s called getting old, yo.

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