Katy Perry Gets Support From Rihanna

Katy Perry Gets Support From Rihanna

Now that Russell Brand has filed for divorce from Katy Perry, it appears that she’s leaning on her best friend, Rihanna!

They’ve talked on the phone constantly since the split, with Rihanna offering as much support as possible to the pop singer.

A source said, “Katy is hardly speaking to anyone right now, but she called Rihanna as soon as she heard Russell was filing for divorce. Katy was embarrassed about calling her parents as they’d been so against Russell in the first place, but Rihanna was a great support for her and she really helped to calm her down.”

That’s what friends are for, right? Even better, Rihanna was said to be planning a vacation to Mexico to help Katy get over her marriage to Russell. The source revealed, “Rihanna has been there for Katy, texting her from Miami where she’s on holiday. Now they are planning a girlie getaway so Katy can clear her head.”

The root cause of their divorce was their constant arguments and the fact that they were never able to see each other. Truthfully, we didn’t think it would last as long as it did….so we were surprised to see them last 14 months. Were you?

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