Katy Perry And John Mayer Fight Over Music

Katy Perry And John Mayer Fight Over Music

Katy Perry and John Mayer are said to be at war over their creative differences with music. Who knew?!?

Sources close to the couple have revealed that they keep butting heads and have even gone as far as giving up talking to one another for a while. That in itself has left their mutual friends wondering if they were going to split up again.

A source said, “Katy had done a duet with John for his last album, but when she asked him to return the favor for her next single, John balked when she wanted him to warble on one of her bubbly pop songs – and he complained, ‘You know that’s not my style of music.'”

After their tiff, she quickly reminded him that she’d done a duet with him on Who You Love, which wasn’t exactly her favorite type of music. She screamed at him, “I did it for you!”

He said in response that belting out a fast-paced pop track would make him look lame. The source said, “That’s when Katy lost it – taking the comment as a personal insult. They simmered in two full days of silence!”

To make up for his douchey behavior, he ended their silence by sending her an antique vase with flowers. Suck up!

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