Katy Perry & Russell Brand Have No Plans To Divorce

Katy Perry & Russell Brand Have No Plans To Divorce

All of the signs pointed to Katy Perry and Russell Brand thinking about getting a divorce. But, apparently that’s not the case.

They were said to have had a huge argument right before Christmas, spent the holiday apart from each other and were going around without their wedding rings? Is it a trial separation?!?

According to reports, Katy and Russell are not currently planning to file for divorce. At least not yet, that is. They are said to be having problems, but it wasn’t anything to do with any huge fight because that never happened.

Russell is still in London and has yet to put back on his ring. Interesting. That’s what makes us think it’s a trial separation of sorts. Kind of like one of those things where they say it’s not cheating if they’re in different parts of the world?

TMZ has more:

As for Katy not wearing her ring, we’re told it’s no big deal. As one source notes, she doesn’t wear the ring when she performs … and it has nothing to do with Russell or her marriage.

One of our sources says it’s clear Katy and Russell are “dealing with something,” but divorce court is not the end game … at least not yet.

Do you think they are going to get divorced in 2012? Or will they be able to work through their problems?

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