Katy Perry: the faux lesbian

katy_perry_faux_lesbianKaty Perry is apparently still riding on the coattails of the only real hit song she’s had. In a bid to stay relevant, the singer reveals that she is turned on by women.

She says that she’s not a real lesbian, but she likes to hit on girls at bars. She says, “I have talked a lot about wanting to kiss girls, but am I a lesbian? No. It’s just a kiss. I would like to get it on with Agyness Deyn. She’s a little punk rock Lolita. Beautiful face, beautiful shoulders. I look at her and I think, ‘Ooh, I’m so turned on. What’s happening?'”

She adds, “I get hit on when I go to gay clubs, but I it on women too. Beautiful ones. I’m attracted to cool, alternative women. But I’d only ever have a drink with them. I’m such a tease!”

Oh she’s just sooooooo controversial, right?

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